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Google Ads Display Certification Contributes to The Hatch’s Google Partner Badge

We are always eager to celebrate positive news and achievements amongst our team at The Hatch and this news is no exception. Thanks to our PPC expert, Michael Hickey, enrolling on a recent Google Ads Display course, The Hatch now boasts the Google Partner Badge. 

On his recent achievement, Michael commented: “I couldn’t have passed the courses without senior members of the PPC team, Jen and Tony, passing on their years of expertise, teaching me everything they know about PPC. Learning to build accounts from the ground up with their guidance gave me the knowledge and experience needed to make the google certification a doddle!”

What is a Google Ads Display Certification? 

The Google Ads Display Certification contributes to a business acquiring the Google Partner Badge. To gain Google Partner status, members of a business must complete 3 certifications. 

This can include:


The Google Ads Display certification allows results to be driven for clients using display advertising investment. Enabling expertise to be validated, certified users can demonstrate an ability to develop effective Display strategies and campaigns that achieve specific marketing goals. 

In conjunction with the Google Ads Display, The Hatch has also achieved Google Ads Search Certification – ultimately propelling us to obtain the Google Partner badge! 

Operations Director and Senior PPC Expert at The Hatch, Tony Bury, said: “I am extremely proud of Michael’s Google certifications, which have contributed to The Hatch achieving the Google Partner Badge. The overall success of The Hatch’s PPC division is a testament to our dedicated team and their hard work.” 

Unlock the Power of Branding Online 

As a Google Partner, The Hatch is highly proficient at paid Google advertising. Whether you’re looking for creative ads or placement ads, our PPC team is ready to assist you with expert digital marketing services.

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Google Ads Display Certification Contributes to The Hatch’s Google Partner Badge

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