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Netflights – Grinfreeze

It’s Grrrrrrinfreeze! A proper good multimedia campaign for proper good deals with Netflights. It’s proper funny as well! 

What’s Grinfreeze?

Leaving large parts of the nation with a medical condition where the face muscles are frozen in a grin-like expression, most media channels are reporting that it’s brought on by proper good deals on It’s on the TV, we’ve heard it on the Radio and it’s all over social… so don’t say you haven’t been warned about Grinfreeze. 

The causes and symptoms are clear for all to see and it’s highly contagious. Just days after news of the epidemic broke, it became official with its own definition in the Urban Dictionary.

The Grinfreeze story

The Grinfreeze concept was born from Netflights, a multi-national travel business wanting to emphasise its values of being a ‘people first’ business in its brand persona. And with its northern roots, humour was an important aspect of the client’s brand refresh.

Part of the Emirates Group, Netflights were looking for a high impact campaign which would resonate across all media – from TV, Radio and Digital to Out of Home.

Grinfreezing together

From the initial concept to the ongoing production of video, audio, digital and visual assets, Grinfreeze is the brainchild of Creative Director Graham Slater. Graham and his talented team of creatives worked closely with the Netflights team to develop the concept over a number of months which made for a hugely inclusive project. This collaborative approach created a real buzz around the organisation and its amazing brand re-fresh when Grinfreeze launched. Their marketing team were on location when adverts were being filmed, and were included at every step of the production process and for the overall execution of Grinfreeze. Happy, Grinfreezed faces all around. 

“The Hatch have so much ambition for an agency outside of the city. They were extremely efficient throughout the project, always available and not afraid to challenge the brief to get the best results.

What we are most impressed with is the strength, simplicity and flexibility of the creative idea, and the high quality of the ad content that we have jointly created.”

Andrew Shelton, Managing Director of Netflights

Short, funny stories that create a connection

With simplistic storytelling and honest humour at its heart, the full spectrum campaign draws on sketch type scenarios where Grinfreeze sufferers receive some desperately bad news, but simply can’t stop grinning inanely. There can only be one explanation – they’ve just had a proper good deal from Netflights! Not always northern, but always with a colloquial tone, Grinfreeze adverts are designed to connect with ordinary people looking for an extraordinary experience with great value.

Netflights – Grinfreeze

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