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From bespoke warehousing solutions and food technology, to native app development, Java programming and more.

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Bespoke Warehousing Software & Food Tech

Our food technology and warehousing solutions have seen us work with some of the biggest consumer brands and exporters in the UK and around the world. From platforms such as Brandbank to retailers like Tesco and Costcutter, we handle millions of SKUs and product feeds on a daily basis. 

CRM Solutions

Fed up of off the shelf CRMs that don’t quite fit your business? At The Hatch we pride ourselves on bespoke CRM solutions, tailor made to suit your business needs and achieve automation in the right areas. 

The Energy Desk

e-Learning / Learning Management Systems (LMS)

A flexible learning management solution that works for any sector where e-learning is needed. Used by organisations ranging from The GMB Union to Diverse Trainers, our solution is quick to deploy and gets learners qualified fast!

Android & iOS App Development

Whether it’s running video advertisements on an array of digital signage or remotely connecting and reporting on your industrial devices, our cutting edge technology makes the very most of the worlds biggest ecosystems (Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS).


Bespoke Plug-ins

Whether it’s our technology, yours or somebody else’s – we’re experts at connecting systems to make them work in harmony. Whether it’s open source or a software developer kit, our engineers will fill in the gaps and build the solution your business needs. 

Recruitment Software / Application Tracking Systems

Managing applications for thousands of job roles and job hunters, our recruitment engine has been developed in collaboration with recruitment industry and IT experts. Applications, interviews, CVs and more are all managed in one application tracking system with CRM functionality.  

Software as a Service

SaaS Technologies

Software as a Service (SaaS) has changed the way solutions are built, managed and scaled. In a tech driven world that’s ever changing, The Hatch’s cloud based applications are made today, built for tomorrow. 

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