Is TV Advertising Still in Demand

Is TV Advertising Still in Demand?

The age of TV advertising is still well and truly here, but for how much longer?

With more and more streaming sites emerging and taking hold of viewer rankings will TV advertising cease to exist in the format we know it to be?

Nevertheless, according to Marketshare Research,

“TV has the highest efficiency at achieving key performance indicators, or KPI’s, like sales and new accounts. When comparing performance at similar spending levels, TV adverts still average four times the sales lift of digital.”

What are the Types of TV Advertising?

Here are the most common types of TV advertising campaigns.

1. Brand Advertising

This type of advertising is all about underpinning your brand’s message through a TV advert.


Directive Response TV is a form of TV advertising that instigates a response from the viewer.

3. Charity Advertising

Through this method of TV advertising a charity raises awareness about a particular cause through an informative and sometimes emotive TV advertisement.

4. Product Advertising

The purpose of product advertising is to advertise a product.

5. Celebrity Endorsement Adverts

Collaborating with celebrities to increase the reach of your TV advert and in turn, increase sales.

6. Episodic Adverts

Through episodic tv advertising, a brand is able to tell a story over 2-3 ads. In essence, this allows for a golden opportunity to convey more information to the audience.

7. Christmas TV Adverts

Possibly the most significant TV adverts of the year, brands such as John Lewis, Aldi, M&S and Coca Cola are notorious for their Christmas ads, with anticipation from viewers building months before their release.

Is TV Advertising Still in Demand


How much does it cost to put an ad on TV?

When looking at the cost of a TV advert for your brand, there are two cost factors to consider: The cost of your TV slot and the production cost of your advert. The ultimate cost will be dependent on a multitude of variables. However, some options are cheaper than others.

Typically, on smaller digital channels prices can begin at £50 and range to £150, stretching to £150-£300 during peak TV time. However, the more popular TV channels are more costly.


On Channels such as ITV, throughout popular programmes such as Lorraine and Good Morning Britain, TV advert slots can cost between £3,000 – £4,000.

Channel 4

If you’re looking for a slot during the broadcast of popular shows such as Hollyoaks and Catastrophe, a 30 second TV advert slot will cost in the region of £10,000 to £20,000. Conversely, daytime slots are cheaper at around £1,000 to £2,000.

Channel 5

The cost of a TV advert slot on Channel 5 is cheaper than more prominent channels with daytime prices ranging from £800 – £1,600. At peak times you can bag a TV advert slot for £2,500 to £4,500.


TV advert costs on Sky are less expensive than some other channels with daytime slot prices ranging from £150 to £250 and at peak times, £650 to £1,150. Sky Adsmart is particularly favoured as it allows advertisers to target their ads towards a specific demographic of viewers.

What are the benefits of television advertising?

Despite the convergence between online and TV video advertising, there are still a plethora of benefits, as TV remains the king of advertisement investment returns.

1. The Two Screen Advantage

According to an in-home-style tracking study conducted by Facebook IQ in 2017, 94% of consumers have a smartphone in their hand when watching television. Consequently, the advantage of this for brands is that their CTA’s can be followed up on instantly by viewers who can quickly reach for their phone to search the internet or social media based on the advert they’ve just watched.

2. Full Screen Exposure

Video adverts are often battling to be noticed if they’re on a webpage or before a clip, but with TV adverts a huge benefit is the fact your advert will appear full screen to the viewers meaning they’re more likely to be captivated and digest the information from the TV advert.

3. Social Media Hype

Huge TV moments are frequently discussed on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, therefore if your TV advert is iconic enough, it’s bound to be discussed by the masses. As a result, your brand will gain traction, which will in turn drive sales up.

4. Increase Trust with your Audience

TV adverts tend to increase trust as it embeds authenticity and reliability in the minds of viewers. According to a 2016 survey by TV/Ad Nation, 42% of people said they trusted TV advertising the most with newspapers at only 13%.

How to Buy a TV Ad Slot

There are various important points you must identify when media buying, particularly if you want to make the most of this advertising opportunity. Identify your target audience and compare that with the demographic of certain TV shows and their demographic to figure out what time of day will be the optimum time in terms of your audience reach.

A platform such as Sky Adsmart, provides a unique opportunity for brands of all sizes to tap into the TV advertising world and benefit from its impact, due to an array of specific targeting strategies. This works by defining the target audience under a number of categories including –

  • Age
  • Lifestyle 
  • Location

Regional TV Advertising Example with ITV

Specific geographical locations can be targeted courtesy of ITV’s regional TV advertising.This method is particularly useful for product advertising, especially when launching a new product or service and you’re looking for a cost-effective advertising campaign.

Data can be collected from one region which can then inform a brand on how it could be improved to target other geographical areas. An additional useful tool with this format is that unique contact numbers can be used, in order to track sales from certain locations.

Create your TV Advert with The Hatch

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Is TV Advertising Still in Demand?

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